What We Told Lawmakers at the Funding Hearing

School Funding | 03/22/2019

Brianna Aloisio
Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Today, dozens of Stand members went to the State House to tell lawmakers about the desperate need for fair school funding.

We testified before the crowd in that packed auditorium and told them how the outdated school funding formula is hurting students and their families. Education isn't what it was 26 years ago, and neither is Massachusetts

It should not matter where a child is born, where they live, what their circumstances are, or what school they go to. Every child in this state should get the resources they need to learn and to prosper. 

The parents who went to the State House today to tell their stories are doing everything within their power to support their children's educations. Now we need lawmakers to step up and do their part.

Please stand with these incredible parents and join our fight by becoming a Stand for Children member today. You don't have to work in education, or even be a parent — you just need to care.

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