What Message Are We Sending to Kids?

School Funding | 04/04/2019

Minerva Gonzalez
Outreach Coordinator, Stand for Children Massachusetts

I'm the mom of three children who attend Holyoke Public Schools. At one point, they all attended the same elementary school I went to years ago.

As a student, I remember spending so much time in the school library, soaking up all I could learn. But now there's no library. They needed the space due to overcrowding. I never had more than 15 classmates. Now, my daughter has 25.

Schools throughout Massachusetts are dealing with the same kinds of problems. Many have no air conditioning, no working computers, and not enough supplies. Teachers use their own money, or ask for donations, just so kids have the basics — in too many cases, parents lack the means to contribute, adding another layer of challenges that should be the school’s responsibility (if they can afford it). 

What kind of message does it send to kids that our state won't invest fairly in their educations? That they don't matter? That their futures don't matter?

It's time to send a different message: Tell lawmakers it’s time to fully fund our schools!

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