We need to fully fund our schools

Current Events & News | 08/16/2018

Audrey Cunningham
Springfield Team Captain

Audrey is a Springfield Team Captain, mother, and strong advocate for early literacy and fair school funding.

My children go back to school in two weeks, and I'm scared. I'm afraid of the environment they'll be walking into - leaks from ceilings, not enough books, overcrowded classrooms and more. I'm concerned that they're not getting the same quality education as other students just 15 minutes away - how is that fair?

I'm fed up. Something must change. Sometimes I feel powerless, but I know that I have to find a way to make a difference for them. So, I'm applying my time and my voice to the work that Stand for Children is doing to achieve fair funding for all of our state's schools. Will you join us?

Last week, I was on a statewide Stand advocacy call about fair school funding and learned that it's been 25 years since the state took a good look at the needs of our schools and adjusted how funds are distributed, and it really woke me up to the harsh reality of how our schools are being underfunded, and what must be done to change this. During that conversation, we all learned a lot from each other and our priorities in our fight to get our schools fully funded. We want to hear from you too-- about your thoughts and experiences so we can strengthen this campaign and ensure we're addressing your concerns. Please take a few moments and fill out this short survey, we want to know if you're as passionate about school funding as we are.The more parents who join the movement, the stronger we will be. We must convince legislators that they need to fully fund our schools.


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