Use Your Privilege to Stand for Students

School Funding | 03/01/2019

Dianne McPherson
Westborough, Massachusetts

I’m fortunate. I live in a well-funded district that can financially strive to give to our public schools what they need — and then some. Sure, we always want more (free full-day kindergarten would be ideal), but to know that other towns in the state struggle to even come close to what we already have doesn't sit well in my heart and mind.

That’s why I’m using my privilege to stand up for students who need our help. Will you join me?

For Massachusetts to divide our children into tiers based upon what town they live in is unacceptable. The current school funding system punishes families who don’t have the luxury of living in wealthy school districts. The quality of a child’s education shouldn’t depend on how much money his or her parents earn. We should be better than that by now.

Massachusetts is considered a progressive leader in this country. Tell lawmakers to step up and be that leader now for all children.

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