Update on the House Budget

Current Events & News | 04/30/2018

Brianna Aloisio
Gerente de Política y Asuntos Gubernamentales

Es la Gerente de Asuntos de Política y Gobierno y le gusta apoyar muchos aspectos diferentes de la educación en MA.

As the Mass. House of Representatives decided on its FY19 budget, Stand members, supporters, and partner organizations reached out to the House of Representatives requesting support for Amendment 256. This amendment was filed by Representative Michael Day, and called for over $3M in additional school funds for early literacy.

Throughout the week, supporters sent more than 600 emails to the State House and left dozens of voice messages to their Representatives. Additionally, we are grateful to have our efforts highlighted by the State House News Service and Salem News in an op-ed our Executive Director, Ranjini Govender, authored with Fran Lunney, Salem resident and elementary school reading specialist.

We also had a groundswell of support from more than 30 representatives who agreed to support the additional funding. Although Amendment 256 was not in the final House budget, we are optimistic as we look towards the Senate’s budget debate. Thanks to all the Representatives who signed onto the amendment!

Stay tuned, as we will reach out in a few weeks asking you to once again send an email or make a phone call to your state senator. 

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