Statement on State's MCAS Scores

Current Events & News | 09/27/2018

Brianna Aloisio
Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Brianna is the Policy & Gov. Affairs Manager and enjoys supporting many different aspects of education in Mass.

The release of the state’s MCAS scores highlights the urgent need for more equitable school funding. In too many instances, the districts with the lowest scores are also those with the highest percentage of low income students and the lowest per student spend. The time is now to update Massachusetts’ school funding formula, which hasn’t been changed in 25 years.

By accounting for low-income families, English language learners, special needs students and rising healthcare costs, we can better address the widening gap between high poverty districts in Worcester, Brockton and Holyoke and their wealthier counterparts in Dover, Concord, and Lexington. The failure to adequately address this school funding crisis not only harms our students but hinders the economic growth of the entire Commonwealth.

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