Statement on the Fair Share Amendment

Current Events & News | 06/18/2018

Ranjini Govender
Executive DIrector, Stand for Children Mass.

A former teacher and mother of two, Ranjini is dedicated to improving public education for the students of Mass.

The Fair Share Amendment was an opportunity for Massachusetts to make serious and much needed investments in education, particularly in the areas of early literacy and inequities in school district funding. While we are disappointed that voters will not have an opportunity to weigh in on this ballot question, education funding remains a critical issue. We will continue to work with parents, teachers, elected leaders and all of our partners to ensure that students have access to the resources they need. Despite this setback, we plan to refile the Early Literacy Act, filled by Senator Joseph Boncore and Representative Michael Day next session. If passed, this bill will improve literacy rates in our underserved districts and make major strides in closing the achievement gap.

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