My Son is More Than His ZIP Code

School Funding | 12/04/2018

Jenniffer Lara
Parent Member, Stand for Children Massachusetts

My son, José, loves school. But he gets distracted easily, and with about 25 students in his class, I know it’s impossible for his teacher to give him the attention he needs.

I asked his school to create a plan to improve his reading and writing, but we’re still waiting. I want to talk with other moms and dads to hear their suggestions, but there’s no parent association — and no one to bring us together or help us learn how to best help our kids.

Every day I worry that José will be left behind. With every day that passes without him having a plan and the interventions needed to learn, he’s slipping further behind his peers. I’m scared that his education is suffering because we don’t live in a wealthy school district that can give him the resources and support he needs to thrive. It devastates me.

The way Massachusetts funds its public schools is broken and it’s been this way for too long! That’s why I’ve signed the open letter urging Gov. Baker to pass fair school funding now!

My son is more than his ZIP code. He’s a brilliant boy in first grade who has unlimited potential. His address shouldn’t determine the quality of the education he receives.

Please, add your name: Ask Gov. Baker to invest in our public schools!

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