Let's Knock on Gov. Baker's Door Together

School Funding | 12/05/2018

Audrey Cunningham
Outreach Coordinator, Stand for Children Massachusetts

I’m sick of watching Massachusetts kids fall behind because their schools aren’t adequately funded. I’m tired of having to explain to my children why their schools don’t have enough books and supplies for all the students, while ones in the nearby neighborhoods have plenty of resources.

If we want to change this problem, we must act. That’s why I proudly signed the open letter urging Gov. Baker to fix school funding now. It’s also why on Monday, December 10, I’ll be joining other parents at the State Capitol to hand deliver our letters in person.

I’m even renting a van and driving fellow parents in from Springfield because we know we can’t miss this opportunity to stand up for our kids.

There’s strength in numbers. The more of us who show up, the more powerful we’ll be – and the Governor won’t be able to ignore our calls to fix the broken funding formula!

Sign up now to stand for children at the State Capitol on December 10!

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