The Hobbit, Oddessy, and Iliad are favorites

Current Events & News | 09/07/2018

Brianna Aloisio
Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Brianna is the Policy & Gov. Affairs Manager and enjoys supporting many different aspects of education in Mass.

I am lucky to have grown up surrounded by books.

Every night before my birthday I remember reading a Sesame Street book about birthdays. So many nights I would sit with my brother and sister on the steps while my Dad read his favorite books to us including The Hobbit, The Oddessy, the Iliad. I am pretty sure he abbreviated a lot of those, but I still know the stories twenty years later. My parents were there for us with books, and a lot of my memories include reading. We were imaginative, intelligent, and curious because of what books gave us.

As an adult now, I am a frequent member of the Boston Public Library and bring up who has read what at work, at home, and with friends. I was blessed to travel growing up, and now as an adult, I still visit different worlds, countries, and times through the many books I read.

Today on National Literacy Day I wish every child has a chance to be near books as much as I was, that I still carry with me today.

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