Don't Fail Another Generation of Kids

School Funding | 11/20/2018

Holly Sullivan
State Organizing Director

Do you want to know the truth?

In Massachusetts, not all children are treated equally – especially in education.

It’s been 25 years since the Commonwealth enacted its school funding formula, which set a base level of funding per student. This horribly outdated system ignores how our schools and the needs of our students have changed. While students throughout the state are forced to make do without much-needed resources, districts with higher numbers of special education, English-language learning, and low-income students suffer the most in this formula.

Tell Gov. Baker to fix school funding now!

Each day we wait to act, more children’s futures are destroyed. More students fall behind, unable to read at grade level, making them significantly more likely to drop out.

Massachusetts has already failed a generation of kids – let’s not fail the next.

Add your name to the open letter and urge Gov. Baker to stop this terrible injustice now.

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