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Issue: Great Teachers Great Schools

Wondering how teachers in Mass. are evaluated?


Do you want to learn the basics about how teachers are evaluated in Massachusetts and how your child’s teacher was evaluated?

Watch this video to learn more about teacher evaluations in Massachusetts, and help make sure your child receives the best education possible.

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Teacher Evaluations Gaining Momentum


Teacher evaluations systems are being implemented in districts statewide as school leaders carefully review the effectiveness of more than 68,000 teachers. The new evaluation systems represent a major culture shift for many districts that were previously not formally evaluating teachers. Teachers now have greater opportunities to gain valuable feedback throughout the year in an effort to help improve their practice.

The Massachusetts Teacher Evaluation System Rubric: Standards 3 & 4 for Effective Teaching

In my last blog post I broke down the first two of the four standards of effective teaching as defined by the new Massachusetts teacher evaluation system.

Why Do Teacher Evaluations Matter?

Over the past several weeks we have focused on the immediate implications of the new law, S. 2315, passed in June and supported by Stand for Children Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

Teacher Evaluations: What Happens Now? Looking Back at the October 1 Deadline


Most schools in Massachusetts faced an October 1 deadline to publish a teacher training schedule on the new evaluation systems each school will be implementing this year under the recently enacted S. 2315, An Act Providing for the Implementation of Education Evaluation Systems in School Districts. The law also restricts districts from evaluating any teacher until a training schedule has been published or training has commenced.  Therefore, the implications of training and training schedules are tremendous: if a schedule is not published or training has not commenced then

Race to the Top Districts Facing November 1 Deadline


A few weeks ago we focused on the October 1st deadline, most schools in the Commonwealth faced. That deadline pertains to the publication of their schedules for teacher training on the evaluation systems that are currently being implemented in public schools across Massachusetts.  Under the recently enacted S.2315, An Act Providing for the Implementation of Education

S. 2315 Implementation Information

Most school districts in Massachusetts are facing an October 1st deadline to publish a training schedule on new teacher evaluation systems that they are implementing this year. The recently enacted S. 2315, An Act Providing for the Implementation of Education Evaluation Systems in School District, requires districts to provide training on the new evaluation systems to educators and administrators, and dictates that districts publish a training schedule by October 1st.

Historic Victory Achieved for MA Students, Parents, and Teachers


Today, Massachusetts made state history when the Governor signed into law legislation to put teacher effectiveness first. This legislation, which ensures that performance comes before seniority in teacher staffing decisions, is a win for teachers, parents, children, and all of Massachusetts.

State Legislature Passes Compromise Legislation


Thanks to your support, we are now closer than ever to achieving what Stand for Children Massachusetts has long sought – making sure every child, no matter their ZIP code, has access to great teachers and a quality education.