Roxana Aguirre
East Boston Member and Literacy Leader

Roxana is an East Boston Member and Literacy Leader for the Every Child Reads campaign. She is a mother of three.

I was that child who couldn’t read. In third grade, despite my teacher’s protests and my joy of learning, my father refused to let me continue attending school as he needed my help on the family farm in Guatemala.

I never returned to school, so my reading skills didn't improve. Unfortunately, I’m not alone. Right now, 20 percent of adults in the United States are reading below the level needed to earn a living wage.

I try to make sure my three children have better opportunities than I did. Education is a top priority in my house, a result of our whole family committed to the children's success in school. My kids are excelling, and I truly believe it's because of this priority.

Please help ensure that no other child or adult struggles with reading. Will you consider giving $20 to help parents like Roxana host an awareness event in their neighborhood?



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