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Literacy Leader: Kenneth Harris

Early Childhood Education, Parent & Family Engagement | 10/17/2017

Kenneth Harris
Children’s Book Author, Point of View Magazine Contributing Writer

Kenneth is a resident of Springfield, Mass. and author of "Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender"

Each month, we will feature a member of the community who is also a Literacy Leader for our Every Child Reads campaign.

Here's Kenneth's reason for becoming a Literacy Leader.

Recently, I had an elevating opportunity to participate in an event held by the Black Business and Professionals called the Saturday morning Reading Hour for children held at the Boys and Girls Club in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a glorious experience as a storyteller as we all ushered into a world of imagination that enabled me to see the futility of their potential.

Children learn best when one actively allow moments for audience engagement. The book was a chapter-book about a super-hero, so it’s fair to say I had their attention from the get-go. After each chapter, I asked them the meaning of a word I assumed they didn’t know. More than ninety-percent of the time, they raised their hand and provided the correct meaning.

These elementary grade level children listened attentively, word by word, and sentence by sentence, they were capable of comprehending scenes from the story and had the ability to learn new words like a successful miner locating gold.

As a children’s book author, I reflected on the memories of my life when I was their age. I was a collector of comic books. I had hundreds of Spider-man and Hulk books. Honestly, it was the stories of comic books that transported my mind to a lush and fun world. It triggered my desire to read.

Kids certainly need to read materials appealing to them. It can stimulate growth for reading and nourish the mind like the effects of daily water over a sprouting plant.

I ended the reading by recommending to the kids to learn the meaning of a new word each day. I am proud of them. As a literacy leader, I will continue to scatter the seeds of inspiration. 

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