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Current Events & News | 10/09/2017

Amneris Narvaez

As a former teacher and a parent, I'm passionate about education and want my daughter and all children to succeed.

Congratulations to Audrey Cunningham, our 2017 Member of the Year. 

Audrey had the following to say about her award:

First, I would like to thank my family for their constant love and support. You are my mentors and the reason why I Stand for Children. Sixteen years ago, I left Brooklyn, NY to give my children a better education and place to live. Today I'm proud to say, I made the right decision.

Yesterday, I  received the Member of the Year Award & was nominated as a team captain for the Springfield Empowerment team. I couldn't have done It without the best trainer and leaders; Amneris (Nedy), Allison, and Veronica. It is a privilege to be a part of a great organization and team.

Earlier this year while I was in Arizona at a Stand meeting, I met Jonah Edelman, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stand for Children amongst other great team leaders from other states. If I had any doubt that this organization was for me, after one meeting I was more than convinced that I wanted to be a part of Stand for Children. I started as a parent advocate for the Springfield Empowerment team, and now I'm a team captain. This has always been my passion and it could be yours too.

Thank you, Stand for Children staff and members for allowing me to enhance my voice and I look forward to many more successful journeys with you all.

Audrey Cunningham
Stand for Children Massachusetts Team Captain and 2017 Member of the Year

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