College & Career Readiness | 06/26/2017

Brianna Aloisio
State Operations Coordinator

Brianna is the Operations Coordinator and enjoys supporting many different aspects of education in Massachusetts.

Congratulations to our members and their loved ones who recently graduated! 


Darius Hayes, Central High School, Springfield, MA

Darius’ favorite subject during high school was chemistry, he plans to attend Springfield Technical Community College in the fall to study technical engineering.  He looks back fondly on his high school days especially his time in football and Key Club where he took part in community service.  

Darius thanks his father for helping him navigate school and helping him with his homework.

Darrin, a leader of the Empowerment Zone Team, is proud of Darius for being a focused and accomplished student.  Darrin is looking forward to continuing to support Darius, and watching him move on to the next chapter of his life. Congratulations Darrius!


Daisy Hernandez, Elms College, Chicopee, MA, June 13, 2017

Daisy has recently graduated from Elms College and plans to continue her studies with a Master’s degree in Social Work at Westfield State University. 

Daisy really enjoyed the research aspect of her undergraduate education, the sense of community during her time at Elms, and the ability to promote social justice as a student.

Daisy contributes her success to the help of her grandmother.  She was a true partner Daisy could rely on to cover the responsibilities at home while Daisy focused on her schoolwork and career.

To stay focused and overcome any barriers to completing her degree Daisy’s motto was, "It does not matter what is going on outside of classes, be on time for all your classes, be present, and everything else can wait until classes are done for the day.

Daisy is a leader on the Greater Springfield team. Congratulations!


Gabriel Hernandez, The High School of Commerce, Springfield, MA

Gabriel graduated on May 20, 2017 from Commerce High School.  He plans to transition to a college program at Holyoke Community College and continue to work. 

During his time at Commerce, Gabriel enjoyed working on experiments in physics and other science classes.  “These experiments were fun and challenging.”

Gabriel thanks his mother, Daisy, for his success. She made sure he stayed on top of his assignments and studied hard even after passing the MCAS. She was supportive by teaching him rather than providing the answers to tough problems. Through his hard work and determination Gabriel graduated a year early.

Congratulations and good luck Gabriel!



Jewlette Henry, Renaissance College Bound Junior/High School, June 5, 2017 heading to Holyoke Community College. 

During her time in high school, Jewlette enjoyed math and science.  Though she struggled with these subjects she enjoyed the challenge and continued to push herself to get better.  

Jewlette was supported by her parents and her sisters during her education. Her mom moved Jewlette and her siblings to Springfield to receive a better education and was a strong advocate for her children.

Jewlette is proud of her determination and hard work despite her learning disability. Many told her she would not graduate and now she is not only graduating, but furthering her education by a scholarship she earned through the Caribbean Carnival Association.  

Jewlette’s mother, Audrey Henry is a leader from the Empowerment Zone in Springfield.  Two of her other daughters were the first two of one hundred students to graduate from Renaissance, and her youngest also just recently graduated from Duggan Academy Middle School. Congratulations to Jewlette and her family on your amazing achievements! 



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