Meet our Springfield PLTs

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 03/27/2017

Amneris Narvaez
Springfield Organizer

As a former teacher and a parent, I'm passionate about education and want my daughter and all children to succeed.

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of presenting Duggan Academy’s Parent Leadership Team (PLT) to the Empowerment Zone Board Members, principals, administrators and others in attendance. I’m so grateful to work beside enthusiastic parents who are taking an active role in ensuring their children are on the road to success.

PLTs are developing in each of the schools in Springfield's Empowerment Zone. The goal is for parents to collaborate with each other to implement approaches that well help students. PLTs also act as a resource for the improvement of the yearly School Operational Plans. If you're a parent of a student in the Empowerment Zone, please join us at our next Empowerment Zone Parent meeting on April 12, 5:30 - 7:30 pm. To learn how you can get involved, or to RSVP contact Amneris Narvaez.  

 Here are the five members of Duggan Academy's PLT.

         Donna Anderson                 Lakisha Brown

      Audrey Cunningham           Jacqueline Rosario

       David Whitaker

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