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Parent & Family Engagement | 01/19/2017

Brianna Aloisio
State Operations Coordinator

Brianna is the Operations Coordinator and enjoys supporting many different aspects of education in Massachusetts.

Every year we set New Year’s Resolutions, to accomplish great things at the start of the year.

Why not set a resolution as a family?

 Here are some ways you can set resolutions (and stick to them!) in 2017:

-       Set a goal and then break it down into steps to achieve that goal for your child

-       Create an environment and situation where you will be successful

-       Remember that every day is a new opportunity for success.

 Here are additional ideas for resolutions for the whole family:

-       Play more, yell less

-       Teach gratefulness

-       Minimize phone time

-       Get out more (parents and kids!)


 Need some more inspiration? Take a look at what our members and their families are doing!

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