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Who We Are | 01/09/2017

Allison Rubin
Marketing and Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

Last week we held our quarterly Statewide Advisory Committee Meeting (SACM). These meetings are held to strategize around upcoming events and campaigns as well as to incorporate community and family voice into the design, development, and implementation of projects. Our SACM is made up of one leader from each of our key areas — Boston, Springfield, and At-Large — and reflects the diversity of our organized power base.

The meeting started with Springfield Organizer Amneris Narvaez sharing a brief update on the Empowerment Zone meetings that took place earlier in the month. Executive Director Jason Williams then updated the Committee on Every Student Succeeds Act (formerly No Child Left Behind), the Next Generation MCAS test, and different measures added to school evaluations.

Government Affairs Director and incoming Executive Director Ranjini Govender finished the meeting by asking attendees what issues they were dealing with in the school system or community that concern them. The Committee responded with various answers from seeing more parent involvement at the school level to the lack of vocational training offered at their local high school.

 Members and staff left the meeting empowered by the conversation and ready to take action in their communities.  

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