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Parent & Family Engagement | 11/08/2016

Ursula Allston-Hill
Beantown Team Captain

Ursula Allston-Hill is a mother from Roxbury, MA, Team Captain on the Beantown Team, and 2016 Member of the Year.

Successful students have parents committed to their education. A parent can make a difference by taking an active role in their child’s education. One way to do this is to attend school committee meetings.

Ursula Allston-Hill tells us why it is important for a parent to attend these meetings and the difference that it makes in her child's education.


Stand: What are your impressions of these meetings so far? As a parent and community leader, how are you participating in these meetings?

 Ursula: My impressions of these school committee meetings are that they are very informational.  As an active parent and community leader, I can relate to the issues that other parents are facing within the Boston Public School (BPS) system.  I am able to speak up and provide input as well as give advice and suggestions. This also gives me a platform to discuss the work that Stand for Children does.   

S: What is the purpose of attending these meetings? What do you, as a parent and a leader, hope to take away from these meetings?

U: Attending the school community meeting allows me to network with the BPS Community and stay up-to-date with the 'BPS world.'  I go so I can also meet some of the higher ups from BPS, like Superintendent Tommy Chang. I’ve already gained a lot of knowledge by going to these meetings.

S: Would you recommend attending these meetings to other parents? How would you engage other parents in a conversation about attending?

U: Yes, I recommend other parents attend these school committee meetings. I have told other parents from my daughter's school, Orchard Gardens, and a group of us are going to the next meeting on November 16th. Engaging parents in conversation about attending the meeting is not hard to do.  Most parents have issues or concerns and would like to be heard in a timely matter. The BPS school committee meetings will allow them to voice their issues and concerns and be heard. They would be speaking to members on the board and also to the Superintendent. Most parents like that idea. 

 I have heard and learned a lot by attending the school committee meetings. I even had some of my own problems taken care of and got to meet some department heads. 

 For information about Boston Public School Committee meetings, click here. For information about Springfield Public School Committee meetings, click here



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