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Current Events & News | 10/19/2016

Allison Rubin
Marketing and Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

Our new Member Spokespeople program, launched in August, gave a voice to ten outstanding members and leaders – nominated by their Organizers – who will represent Stand and our campaigns to the public, media, and donors.

FE&O, in partnership with Marketing, compiled a list of members who have shown that they are committed to our work and have the flexibility to participate in this program. Two workshops were held, the first on government and policy and the second on telling your Stand story. In each workshop, members were asked to participate in different exercises such as presenting an elevator pitch on one of our campaigns or participating in a mock television interview.

The goal of the program is for our members to walk away from these trainings well versed on our campaigns and with marketable skills that will help them communicate the important work Stand is doing to their peers, press, and donors. I'm excited to present this year's Member Spokespeople:      

  Ursula Allston-Hill          Audrey Cunningham           

  Elsa Flores                            Yesenia Gorham
Daisy Hernandez                   Jenniffer Lara
Andres Lopez                       Gloria  Namugaya




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