Avoid These Four Summer Dangers

Current Events & News | 07/06/2016

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The Today show featured NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar, the other day to share four of the most common health concerns for beach goers

  1. Sunburn - burns occur when your skin is exposed to UV light, directly or indirectly. You can experience a severe sunburn after just a short period outdoors — and people with fair skin should use extra caution.
  2. Heat Rash heat rashes can affect adults in hot, humid weather. They occur when blocked pores trap perspiration under your skin. 
  3. Heat Stroke - heat exhaustion, which results from prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. Symptoms include pale, ashen or flushed skin, headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness and exhaustion. 
  4. Swimmer’s ear - This infection in the outer ear canal is often brought on by water that stays in your ear after swimming. This creates a moist environment that aids bacterial growth.

Additionally, here are two interesting articles on the best and worst sunscreens for kids. 

Have fun this summer but remember to reapply sunblock often, hydrate, and get out of the sun if you feel dizzy.

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