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Current Events & News | 06/08/2016

Jason Williams
Executive Director, Stand for Children Massachusetts

Jason continues to ensure educational equity and excellence for all children in the Commonwealth.

I wasn’t there, but I wish I was.

Twenty years ago, while I was finishing my sophomore year at Boston College, hundreds of thousands of people descended upon Washington, DC to raise their voices on behalf of children at the Stand for Children rally – including a delegation from Massachusetts.

They demanded that our leaders help those left behind by the education system, and we have not forgotten that call. We took that energy and made a long-lasting organization that drives real change out of it. Every day at Stand for Children Massachusetts, I have the privilege of working with our passionate parent members, staff, and partners to improve outcome for kids across our state.

But we need your help to continue to the work. Can you support our 20th Anniversary by giving $20 TODAY to help us continue our critical work?

I am inspired every day by the work that we’re doing and the people-power behind it. Take Lisa, for example.

Lisa’s oldest son Daniel was born with autism. She spent his first three years advocating to ensure that he received the special education services that the law entitles him to, including going through two mediations and seeking a second opinion.

 As Lisa shares, “When I learned about Stand for Children, I knew this was the type of organization I needed to be involved in. I don’t want any other families to have to go through so much red tape just to ensure their child receives the education they are entitled to.”

 This is why we do what we do. Despite the impact that Stand for Children has made during the last 20 years, our work is far from complete.

 Click here to make a contribution so we can continue our work on behalf of Lisa and many others like her in Massachusetts.

We're dedicated to continuing the fight for another 20 years. But we can’t do it without your help.




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