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Early Childhood Education | 04/04/2016

Allison Rubin
Marketing Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

You may wonder why do we keep asking you to send your legislator an email on behalf of Pre-K? Because so many supporters of Pre-K sent their elected officials an email last month, our bill has been given an extension to be voted out of the Education Committee.

In order for our bill to stay alive rather than just sit in the Committee, we need to keep reminding those who will vote on the bill that this is important. Please contact your legislator and let them know that you support high-quality Pre-K for 3-and 4-year-olds living in low-performing school districts and that they should help move the bill out of committee.

Thank you for your dedication to ensuring all children have access to high-quality Pre-K. To keep our movement strong, please send your elected official an email now.


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  • Es justo que todos Los ninos puedas asi stir a K1 yo se que si se quiere se puede.
    Rhina Navarro

    April 6, 2016 9:28 AM