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Who We Are | 01/21/2016

Allison Rubin
Marketing and Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

I caught up with our newest staff member  Amneris Narvaez to find out what attracted her to the Springfield Organizer role.

Where did you grow up?

I was raised in Holyoke and graduated with my high school diploma, Associates degree, and Bachelor’s degree from Western Mass. Schools. While completing an internship at the Willie Ross School for the Deaf I developed an interest in education and a passion for helping and educating children with special needs. I graduated from Westfield State University with a B.A. in special education and then worked in the Springfield Public Schools where I served as a special education teacher for seven years.

You were a teacher at Springfield Public Schools?

Yes, upon graduating from Westfield State with a Bachelors in Moderate Special Needs, I started teaching second grade. The following year I transitioned into a Special education teacher supporting English Language Learners / Special Education Students in 1st through 5th grade. During my tenor with the Springfield Public Schools I worked in two other schools and taught many special education students in elementary schools.

Is it true you are one course away from receiving your Master’s degree?

Yes, my Master’s programs is through Lesley University and it is in Math Education I should finish the program and graduate this August. 

Why did you decide to work for Stand, what made you want to dedicate your life to education?

As both a teacher and parent of a child in the Springfield Public Schools, I became passionate about education. I knew I wanted to develop skills in helping families beyond the classroom. Stand allows me to strive for an exceptional public education for my daughter and all children to have access to an education held to the highest standards.

When not working how do you spend your free time?

I love to spend time with my daughter and family. My daughter loves to dance, sing in her school chorus, play the violin, and immerse herself in the arts and I’m her number one supporter. 

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