Pre-K for MA Rolls Out New Videos

Early Childhood Education | 04/30/2015

Allison Rubin
Marketing and Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

Stand for Children Massachusetts is proud to partner with other leading organizations throughout the Commonwealth, such as Strategies for Children, to bring greater access to high-quality Pre-K programs to communities that need them the most. The Pre-K for MA campaign has gained steam in recent weeks with plenty of media attention, but two recent videos that the campaign released highlight the true impact of what’s at stake.

Haley Creed, a Stand Mass. member and third grade special ed teacher, is featured in the first campaign video. Creed speaks about her experience seeing the level of learning and maturity that her students achieve after attending Pre-K versus those who didn’t attend.

“Children who receive pre-k services are much better off than their other peers who just began school in kindergarten,” Creed says. She also tells the story of her student, Louis, who had access to Pre-K and was “light years” ahead of his fellow students in second grade.

Michelle Norman is also a Stand Mass. member and a parent facilitator at an elementary school in Springfield. She tells about seeing a number of kids do well in school after working through Pre-K, noting the importance of starting children young.

“I’ve seen kids start out at Pre-K and excel through the upper grades,” she says. “Statistics show that the younger we start educating our kids, the better chance they have. So what better way to start?”

After seeing these videos, be sure to take action today and sign the petition expand access to high-quality Pre-K programs for Massachusetts children!

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