Stand CEO: Parents Should Welcome the New Common Core Tests

College & Career Readiness | 03/24/2015

Allison Rubin
Marketing and Communications Director

I'm excited to combine my diverse communications experiences with my education background to promote Stand's work.

“Ignore the left- and right-wing noise machines: the new tests being introduced to kids across the country are valuable,” wrote Jonah Edelman, CEO of Stand for Children. In a recent column for The Daily Beast, Edelman highlighted many of the benefits that the new tests, including PARCC, have versus older tests that are not aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Edelman also answered many of the questions that parents might have about the new tests. “Am I ‘excited’ about the new tests,” he wrote. “No, just as I wouldn’t say I get “excited” about my kids’ annual physical with their pediatrician.”

But what do the tests offer our parents, our teachers, and our administrators? “They can help parents really know whether their children are on track in math and English language arts so parents can partner with teachers to address kids’ challenges when they’re still resolvable and before their kids can’t get into college, struggle in college, or can’t get or keep good jobs. The tests can help teachers know where they’re solid and where they might need to improve, and also help the next grade’s teachers know what kind of support incoming students might need. Finally, they can help administrators know which teachers and schools are exemplary and which need extra attention and support.”

Now that we know what the tests bring to the table, read Edelman’s entire column to learn more about the benefits of these newer, smarter, fairer assessments.

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