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School's out...let's do something meaningful!


Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation for Boston Public Schools (BPS). Instead of going to the local pool or library, I decided that my grandchildren, Anthony and Azzie, would spend the day with me and my fellow Stand for Children members from across Boston to canvass Boston Common as we collected ‘Voices of Support’ for the Pre-K for MA campaign.

Will you add your name to the Voices of Support? Join me and sign your name today.

Yes for UP Academy Springfield!


“I was blown away with this experience, the teachers were engaging and the students were all participating and competing to give the teacher their answer.”

“I was very impressed with the orientation provided, and the fact that all the students who attended the previously underperforming school, were now attending UP Academy.”

View our members delivering testimony by clicking here.

Parents Stand UP for Their Children's Future


The opportunity to interact with inspiring parents is one of the greatest benefit of my job at Stand for Children. The parents and families that I partner with, educate, and empower are a constant reminder of the wonderful work going on in our communities.

Quality Pre-K shines through in my classroom


There are a lot of things I see every day as a third grade special education teacher. In my four years as a teacher, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed in my students is the huge impact that Pre-K programs can have on their education and development. These students are much better off than their peers who start school in kindergarten.

Will you join me and sign our pledge to expand access to quality Pre-K for the students in Massachusetts who need it most?

100 petitions in 60 minutes ... thank you East Boston!


A child's early years are so important for development, this is why early learning needs to be encouraged in every way and is essential for the child’s future. Preschool is important, it promotes and stimulates the child, helps strengthen the emotional and motor development, and develops skills that will prepare the student for the rest of their education. 

PARCC Test Shortened by 90 Minutes


The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), announced a change in the design of its test. Among the changes, the test will be 90 minutes shorter and will feature only one testing window of 30 days, rather than the current two testing windows of 20 days each.

Stand Members Testify on Experiences with PARCC Exam


This week the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education held a public forum on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) at Bunker Hill Community College. Two Stand for Children Massachusetts members attended and delivered testimony on why they support the new assessment.

Carrie Lee, a mother and Stand member from Dorchester explained that her children were first introduced to the PARCC test during last year’s pilot test. Once she found out they were taking this new test she decided to take a practice math and ELA assessment.

Pre-K for MA Campaign Adds Common Sense Kids Action as “Voice of Support”


Earlier this week, the Pre-K for MA campaign announced that Common Sense Kids Action has signed on as a Voice of Support. Common Sense Kids Action’s mission is to make kids and education the nation’s top priority, which aligns perfectly with the Pre-K for MA goals to help close the achievement gap and level the playing field to ensure that all Massachusetts children have the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

Stand’s Mid-year Update


We made some incredible strides last year in our work to ensure every child gets a quality public education. But we couldn’t have done it without our members, leaders, volunteers, and generous donors – we’re honored to stand with you. And we hope you’ll join us in celebrating an incredible year.

Check out our interactive annual report to look back on what we’ve accomplished together.