With more than 60% of Boston schools underperforming, children in Boston are far more likely to fall behind academically than their peers statewide. Some kids are lucky enough to be placed in one of the few public schools that meets their needs, but the education the vast majority of Boston children receive is far from adequate. As a result, too many of our children are not getting the education they deserve.

In many cases, kids are entering school already behind since they don’t have access to early education. In fact, there are only 2,400 pre-K seats available each year to serve the entire Boston population, leaving thousands of kids on wait lists. Additionally, when students enter elementary school, they’re not getting enough learning time, as Boston Public Schools has one of the shortest school days in the country. Children in Boston only receive 5.5 hours of instruction each day, and schools are at risk of losing the ability to continue using the very turnaround strategies and tools that have resulted in improved student outcomes.

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Our Springfield chapter continues to educate, empower, and rally parents around demanding high quality education, especially for the middle schoolers in the Empowerment Zone.

We continue to work with our Springfield members to help lay the foundation for the establishment of our Parent Leadership Teams at each of the Zone’s schools. These Parent Leadership Teams will become part of the schools’ operational teams, ensuring that parents are educated on the Drop-out Early Warning System and support high-quality parent/teacher home visits. Parents be better informed of what the Empowerment Zone means for them and their children, but they will also be better connected to the schools and engaged in the school turnaround plans. 

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