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Mark Mullet for State Senator

Stand for Children Washington PAC has endorsed Senator Mark Mullet (D) for District 5 (Black Diamond, Maple Valley, Issaquah, North Bend, Carnation, Snoqualmie and parts of Enumclaw and Renton). We are well acquainted with Senator Mark Mullet’s work in Olympia; and know that he is committed to improving education outcomes for all children in our state.

Why Mark Mullet?

Senator Mullet has demonstrated he is willing to put values and kids before politics, like when he was the only Democratic Senator to vote to improve teacher evaluations in order to prevent the loss of $40 million in federal funding for educating low-income students.

If you are looking for a candidate with a commitment to improving education in our state, Senator Mark Mullet (D) should get your vote. He helped pass a financial literacy bill that ensures all Washington state high school students are offered financial literacy courses before graduation.

His four young daughters are all in public school; so you can believe he will continue to fight for education; as he did when he helped secure the new Maple Valley High School. Mark is a local small business owner with strong community ties. 

He has worked to improve transportation issues in a legislative district with high numbers of commuters. Or are you seeking a person who is a 

Whatever your reason for voting in the August 2 primary; consider Senator Mark Mullet (D) for re-election. He’s the type of independent, moderate leader we need in Olympia.

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