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Fight to give all students a smart start

A child’s learning starts well before that student ever steps into a Kindergarten classroom. Unfortunately, in Louisiana, 46% of those children will enter that classroom unprepared and already behind their peers. Students who begin behind – even at this young age – continue to fall behind other children and many never catch up.

Many of these children are not prepared because of a lack of access to high-quality early care and learning programs that would set them up for success.

Every day Louisiana parents are also forced to make tough decisions about who will care for their children while they work. High-quality care in Louisiana costs almost as much as public college tuition and is impossible for many working parents to access. More than a quarter of parents currently in the workforce report that child care issues have caused them to be late, miss work or perform poorly.

ACT 3 of 2012, passed by the Louisiana Legislature, mandated an overhaul of the current early learning system. Unfortunately the estimated $208 million needed by 2020 to make these crucial changes for our youngest students has been hard to come by. Deep budget cuts have forced lawmakers to put off allocating funds towards this vital initiative. It is our goal, with the help of over 30 partner organizations, to help change that so that more parents can be productive members of the workforce and more young Louisiana children can get the start that they deserve. Find out more at

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