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Best Practices to Engage Your Child's Teacher during Remote Learning

In this workshop, explore best practices to engage your child’s teacher during virtual and hybrid learning. We cover the importance of forming a relationship early in the school year/semester, how a positive relationship between guardians and teachers can have a positive impact on student performance, and address common concerns from both the perspective of both parents and teachers.

Best Practices for Virtual Learning

Join classroom teachers and advocates to discuss best practices to sustain learning and protect mental health during virtual learning. We cover technology overload, resources that improve the accessibility of any website, and free resources including personal tutoring.

Homeschool Survival Kit

Virtual and hybrid learning can be difficult for students and parents. Join us as we discuss tools and strategies to keep your student on-track during COVID-19.

Transition from Middle to High School

The transition from middle to high school can be academically, socially, and emotionally challenging for students. Join education advocates as we talk about why the first year of high school is so important, how to support your student’s academic success, and the social and emotional developmental milestones to expect throughout this transition.

Focus on the First Years: Early Learning during Covid-19

Early education providers and advocates discuss strategies to support your young learner’s at-home learning. Resources include fun daily challenges, strategies to incorporate milestones like color identification into everyday life, and resources from the Louisiana Department of Education.

Virtual Learning: What to Expect

Join education advocates as we discuss how your student’s progress is being monitored, the challenges and benefits of a hybrid or fully virtual classroom, how schools and personnel can support students, and how parents and guardians can support their student’s learning and overall wellbeing.

Summer Learning Loss

Learn about “summer slide” and its impacts, lost-cost options and ideas for parents to keep their students academically engaged over the summer break, and how these strategies can also be implemented during COVID-19.

Self-Care for Parents

As a parent or caregiver, we know it can be difficult to find time to address our stress and take care of ourselves. Join social worker, Stand Fellow, and parent Amanda Young as she walks us through best practices for self-care at home.

College Debt Management

Education advocates discuss higher education tuition, grants, scholarships, types of student loans and rates, budgeting for students, and tips for choosing a college and avoid heavy student debt.

Online Learning 101

Join experienced educators and administrators as we explore the basics of two of the most popular tools used by teachers during virtual learning: Google Classroom and Zoom. Additional resources for individual tutoring and improving website accessibility are also included.


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