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OPSB District 7 - Nolan Marshall, Jr.


Mr. Nolan Marshall, Jr. was chosen by Stand for Children Louisiana parent endorsement members based on his strong record of voting in the best interests of students during his prior term on the board when he was elected in 2012. During his time as board president Marshall brought the board together and under his leadership a years-long search for a qualified superintendent was finally ended when Dr. Henderson Lewis was elected unanimously by the board to serve as the leader of Orleans Parish Schools. 

Marshall supported a funding formula that is fair for all students and sends makes sure that those students who need the most resources are able to get what they need to succeed. He has worked to improve all Orleans Parish Schools to ‘A’ and ‘B’ schools.

He is committed to giving all of our young children a smart start, by looking for ways to secure funding to expand access to quality early learning and care programs. He has committed to making sure that the process of unification between Recovery School District schools and Orleans Parish Schools is a smooth one that serves the children of New Orleans.

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