Education Leadership Institute Baton Rouge

Congraduations to all graduates of ELI Baton Rouge!

"ELI is an extremely powerful program. The knowledge I gained from the program and my other cohort members has been extremely valuable in my pursuit to change the lives of the students around the world."

-DeQuinten Glenn, 2018 ELI Graduate

ELI participants will have the opportunity to discuss and take a deep dive into the challenges and possiblities facing the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

The Education Leadership Institute (ELI) will give community and education leaders the tools they need to take their leadership and advocacy to the next level.

We know that student-focused leaders and advocates will ensure that policies and procedures are put into place that will reflect the best interests of students in Baton Rouge. As a member of the ELI, you will learn about:

  • Local school governance
  • School finance
  • Community engagment & advocacy
  • Contemporary policy issues
  • School supports for success

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