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Education Leadership Institute Baton Rouge

The Education Leadership Institute Baton Rouge is currently accepting applications for our 2017 cohort.

The Fall 2017 cohort will extend from August 2017 through December 2017. Participants are required to attend one monthly Saturday meeting as well as one 'experience' event per month, during which participants will attend facilitated education events, such as school tours, school board meetings, or visits to the Capitol. 


ELI members learn and grow their leadership, network and advocacy skills in a collaborative environment.


The Education Leadership Institute (ELI) will give community and education leaders the tools they need to take their leadership and advocacy to the next level.

We know that student-focused leaders and advocates will ensure that policies and procedures are put into place that will reflect the best interests of students in Baton Rouge. As a member of the ELI, you will learn about:

  • Local school governance issues
  • School finance
  • Education advocacy and community engagement
  • Contemporary policy issues in education
  • School supports for success

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