EBR District 7 - Mike Gaudet

As the son of life-long educators, father and grand-father, Mike Gaudet has always had a heart for education. As a current East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member, former board member of Thrive Academy in Baton Rouge and a retired Engineer, endorsement committee members were impressed with Mr. Gaudet’s continued leadership experience. As a founding member of Thrive Academy, the state’s first public, tuition-free boarding school which serves students from primarily under-resourced communities, Gaudet demonstrated a clear commitment to improving outcomes for all students in Baton Rouge and support for true innovation in learning.

 "Mike is a champion for all kids in Baton Rouge. He brings a wealth of leadership experience that will guide the board and the district in the right direction to improve the quality of all schools and the quality of life in our community." - Mandy LaCerte, Education Leadership Institute Graduate and Endorsement Committee Member.

Mr. Gaudet expressed a strong willingness to look through the East Baton Rouge Parish School system’s budget to determine the best ways to ensure that dollars are reaching classrooms where they can be best leveraged. Endorsement committee members were impressed with Mr. Gaudet’s willingness to lead on key issues where he had a demonstrated expertise, such as budget negotiations and conversations around school funding transparency.

Endorsement committee members have also continued to appreciate Mr. Gaudet’s willingness to reach out and hear from Stand for Children Louisiana membership during his current time on the board as an incumbent member in District 7.

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Mr. Mike Gaudet was chosen by Stand for Children Louisiana parent and educator endorsement members based on his commitment to improve on-grade level reading for all students through literacy initiatives, and a strong commitment to quality early learning programs.