Elect Education Champions

Stand for Children Louisiana is committed to utilizing a robust and transparent member endorsement process in order to support those candidates who best stand for the values that Stand parents ascribe to.

Stand parent members volunteer to participate in the endorsement process for candidates who will represent their students in local and state offices. Stand for Children Louisiana’s Parent and Educator Endorsement Committees have included more than a dozen parents and educators from across the state.

During the endorsement process Stand's endorsement committee members review the voting records, candidate questionnaire answers, interview responses and make their final endorsement decisions for the candidates whom committee members feel will stand boldly for students. The Stand for Children Louisiana pledge of support is awarded based on the below criteria.

Candidate criteria:

  1. Issue Alignment: They show a commitment to raising achievement for all students, increasing family and community involvement, improving school funding, and ensuring our schools have effective principals and teachers. If an incumbent, they have a strong track record on improving education.
  2. Strong Personal Character: They have a vision and make clear commitments to improving education in Louisiana. They show leadership, strive for consensus, but are willing to support potentially unpopular policy changes if necessary to get results for children.
  3. Visibility: They have a clear and viable strategy for winning their race.


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