Louisiana Staff

Nikki Dangerfield

Regional Organizing Director

Nikki Dangerfield is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a product of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. She graduate for Palm Bay High and went on to obtain a degree in graphic design. She worked as a graphic designer for 23 years and spent 10 of those years as a FedEx Office Manager. Nikki is a single parent to four wonderful children.  As an active parent in her children's education she realized Graphic Design was the wrong profession. Her deep passion for education and her community guided her search for opportunities to get more involved in the community. Her passion and commitment made her one of Stand’s most successful parent leaders. With the leadership and guidance of Stand, Nikki and her children participated in a Frontline documentary (Separate and Unequal). Her brave action, outstanding leadership and passion for education opened the door for her to transition into the official role of Baton Rouge Organizer with Stand for Children Louisiana.

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