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School Funding | 02/04/2020

Carrie Griffin Monica
Executive Director, Stand for Children Louisiana

Carrie is the leader of Stand for Children Louisiana, deeply committed to equitable funding & educational equity.

We started to share with you late last year that the Teacher’s Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) is deeply in debt, and that most current educators paying into the system will never see a full retirement benefit. It sounds bleak, but the good news is there are advocates, groups, and elected leaders who want to solve this problem.

Will you share some of this critical information with your fellow educators and family members?

Last week I was honored to lead a discussion at the Pelican Institute’s Solutions Summit with some of the leading experts on rising pension debt, its toll on taxpayers and district budgets, and ways to start addressing the problem so promises made to teachers can be promises kept. 


We owe it our educators and other public servants, to make sure that the retirement system they’re paying into now will serve them in the future. Will you take a moment to share some of this information with your fellow educators, family and friends so that we can find a solution once and for all?

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