This won't be our last 'Hello'

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals | 04/16/2020

Kacy Patin
Pre-K Educator and LEAD Fellow

The news of school closures hit me hard as I realized I didn’t get to hug my kids one last time, or tell them bye one last time and explain that everything will be okay. My Pre-K students left school thinking we would return the following Monday. Little did we all know, that would be the end of our school year. This hit me hard as I pictured their crying little 4-yr-old faces as their parents would break the news to them!

That’s when I decided that I could do more than just a paper packet given out or online resources posted on a website! I wanted them to see ME and learn from ME! In these unprecedented times, what are you doing to stay connected to your students? I want to hear from you!

Knowing that I have to continue to connect with my kids, I began creating home videos for my students! I know teachers across the state and the country are working hard to connect with students. How are you creatively connecting with students these days? Let’s share and collaborate all of the ways we’re showing up for students.

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