Why Are Our Schools Suffering?

School Funding, Teachers & Principals | 07/23/2019

Lacy Behl
STEM Teacher, Caneview K-8 School

You’ve heard repeatedly about the funding problems we face in public education in Louisiana. You’ve heard how low pay and sparse resources are pushing educators out of the profession. What I want to know is: Why? Why are our schools and staff being shortchanged?

Teachers aren’t being compensated fairly for the work we do. Students don’t have access to all the resources they need to excel academically. We all pay our taxes – so where is that money going?

Should local school districts be required to show how money is being spent? Take the one-question survey now.

As Louisiana residents and taxpayers, we deserve to see the numbers! We need to know if our dollars are being taken out of local schools to pay for something else. 

It’s time to show lawmakers that we’re paying attention and demand more financial transparency!

Shouldn't taxpayers know where their dollars are being spent?

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