Whether you know it or not

Criminal Justice, Current Events & News, Who We Are | 06/23/2021

Carrie Griffin Monica
Executive Director

Whether you knew it or not, you are part of a movement. As a supporter of student-centered policies, you’ve declared that the well-being and success of our children is important to you. That commitment to serving our children unites us as a community, regardless of any differences we may have. We can come together and make the right decisions to care for our children and their futures - that's what matters most.

We’ve done this together in a number of ways: standing up for students' rights, empowering parents and teachers as education champions, and advocating for equitable funding. While we continue championing student-centered education issues, there is more we need to tackle to achieve our shared goals.

That’s why, in our recent communications and work, you may have noticed that we’re doing more. We’re proud to have joined partner organizations to bring common sense reforms to Louisiana’s inefficient criminal justice system while continuing our work to increase teacher supports to recruit and retain the very best educators, bridge the learning gap exacerbated by the pandemic, and so much more.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to level the playing field and to ensure that all systems in our state provide the very best for our children and families.

We're Never Done

Our work is never done. To support our education & criminal justice advocacy work so we can pursue more wins for students and families, please click here. Thank you!

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