Thank You!

Access to High-Quality Schools | 01/27/2020

Karen Clark
Development & Operations Manager

Before the month of January comes to a close, I want to send a heartfelt thank you. Your donations over the last several weeks and months have been generous and much appreciated. If you haven’t had the chance to donate yet, it’s not too late to support the hard work of the parents, educators, and students of Stand for Children Louisiana!

Your gift today will support workshops for families, educators, and students so that they may elevate their combined voice and secure wins for students across our state.                  

Every gift supports even more development and empowerment workshops; if you haven’t yet, please consider a donation today. Thank you, once again, for your generous support. Thanks to you, we’re launching into another year of standing up for the students and families of Louisiana!

Standing with you in 2020 and beyond.

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