We Appreciate Teachers!

Current Events & News, Teachers & Principals | 05/27/2021

Karen Clark
Development and Operations Manager

As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Month, we are so excited to share with you the messages of appreciation we received for our state's teachers & administrators. Every May, we celebrate teachers in so many ways, and this year, we are sharing parents' and colleagues' words of gratitude for the hard work, commitment, and love shown by teachers.

Throughout the pandemic, teachers and school staff have adapted to unprecedented challenges and continued to engage children through online lessons, hybrid instruction, or in-person classes. Their impact in the lives of students is undeniable and we are grateful for them today, this month, and every day. Thank you, teachers & educational staff, for your positive influence in our students’ lives.

Please take a moment to read the notes of appreciation we received for educators across the state.


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