Take a Stand. Change the Name

Current Events & News, Who We Are | 06/15/2020

'Coach' Eric Brown
Baton Rouge Organizer

'Coach' Eric Brown is a father of five, coach, mentor, and Baton Rouge Organizer for Stand for Children Louisiana

I am coming to you as a father, coach, and mentor. For many years, it’s weighed on me to see our Black students who attend Lee Magnet High School forced to endure attendance at a school named for a known slave owner and Confederate General.

It is past time to change the name of Lee Magnet High School. Sign the petition today.

In a district that serves over 80% Black and Brown students, we have to recognize the signal we are sending our children by asking them to attend a school named for someone who fought to oppress Black Americans.

Our school board members have the opportunity to be on the right side of history by renaming Lee Magnet High School.

Stand with me. Let’s change the name together.

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