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Elections | 11/05/2019

Drew Larose
ELI Graduate & District 6 Voter

Drew is a graduate of ELI, an active voter, digital marketing expert and member of Stand's endorsement committee.

The hard work of volunteers, voters, and engaged leaders helped us accomplish some great wins for students in the October Primary by electing parent, educator, and community endorsed candidates for key elections.

As a voter and active community leader, I believe education is the key to moving our state forward. Improved education outcomes are a key component in solving all of our community’s problems. Providing quality educations for all children is an important step in battling poverty, mental health, business growth, and many more.

It’s important to vote to ensure our community continues to grow and progress. Not voting is a vote for less responsive government.

As a member of Stand for Children’s endorsement committee, a group of Stand for Children members including parents, educators and community leaders, I was proud to support efforts to endorse candidates in the primary and the general election who are focused on improving the state of education for all students. My goal, as an endorsement committee member, was always to look for someone who could build partnerships and who isn’t afraid to try new ideas and approaches.

I hope you’ll join me and countless others in supporting these leaders in the November General Election.

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