Students Come First

Who We Are | 12/21/2019

Coach Eric Brown
Parent Organizer, Stand for Children Louisiana

Around this time last year, we hosted a potluck for our Stand Parent Members and Fellows. It was a wonderful chance to celebrate the hard work and wins achieved for students in 2018 and reenergize for 2019.  But, this year, we decided to do something a little different!


We heard that the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Central Office tree was decorated with paper elf ornaments – each with a holiday wish list of a homeless or home insecure student attending public schools in Baton Rouge. And so off Stand Fellow, Ms. Yolanda Braxton, went to take a few names off the tree. 

You see, we know that it’s better to give than to receive.  That’s why we use our voices to advocate for students every single day. Will you support Stand so we can continue to support students and families?

The joy Ms. Kita Brown and I felt when we delivered the gifts we’d purchased is hard to explain. But I am certain it will be no comparison to the joy felt by the students receiving them or their parents when they see their child’s face.

At Stand, we are changing lives every day – in both small and big ways. We’re standing up for students when no one is watching. And we’re asking for nothing in return but for each student to get a great education that inspires them, gives them hope for a bright future, and puts them on the path to a prosperous life. Will you give to Stand today so students and families receive what they deserve?

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