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Current Events & News | 05/21/2020

Alex Deiro Marketing & Communications Director

Alex is the Marketing and Communications Director for Stand Louisiana.

Baton Rouge, La. (May 20, 2020)— The following is a statement from Carrie Griffin Monica, Executive Director of Stand for Children Louisiana, regarding the selection of Cade Brumley as Louisiana Superintendent of Public Education.

“We have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Brumley on many occasions and I am always encouraged by his heart for students. It is my hope that Dr. Brumley will continue to bring this heart for positive progress to his new role serving students across Louisiana.  We have made great strides in education over the last several years and we will continue to push and protect high standards, strong accountability, quality early learning and early literacy, high quality school options for all students, access to quality curriculum, and strong teacher preparation programs.  And, we look forward to advancing these priorities under Dr. Brumley’s leadership”

“Louisiana’s students and families deserve a system of schools and choices that serve them equitably and that strives to close achievement gaps that have persisted for decades. I’ve been encouraged by the work that Dr. Brumley has undertaken as the leader of both Jefferson Parish Public Schools and DeSoto Parish Schools. It is our sincere hope that Dr. Brumley will continue to bring a positive child-centered approach to reform in his new role as State Superintendent,” stated Carrie Griffin Monica, Executive Director of Stand for Children Louisiana. 

“We are so pleased with the hard and good work of BESE members - under Kira Orange Jones’ work group leadership - to identify and select a new superintendent.  The process was efficient, transparent, and engaged stakeholders every step of the way- even in the midst of a global pandemic. They are to be commended for their leadership, courage, and decisiveness in naming a new leader this week, at a time when leadership is so critically needed to determine the path forward for returning students to quality learning as soon as is possible.”


We look forward to the continued partnership with Dr. Brumley, BESE members, the LDOE, and districts across the state to achieve continued positive progress for students.”



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