Stand Spotlight: Steven Jackson

Stand Spotlight | 12/14/2021

Stand Louisiana

This is one post in a series made possible by a grant from Capital Area United Way. The grant allowed Stand for Children Louisiana to provide direct cash transfers to twelve qualified members to support quality early education and/or continuing adult education.

As a father of a 3-year-old boy, I want to be as educated as I can about the Louisiana school system. Thankfully, the staff and volunteers at Stand For Children have been so helpful in finding resources that I will need when making the decision to enroll my child in public school. My involvement with Stand Louisiana started earlier this year and I have been attending committee meetings, community forums and other virtual events that have allowed me to ask questions and learn what I need to provide the best education for my child.

My son is currently attending daycare and during the pandemic, it has been hard to make tuition payments. I work as a teacher’s aide and when I unfortunately contracted COVID-19 this year, it was hard to know that I would not be able to work for some time until I fully recovered. With the help of Stand Louisiana and Capital Area United Way, I was able to receive this grant that went towards paying my child’s daycare. I am very grateful and appreciative for the support and for what Stand for Children is doing for my community. It’s been a huge help!

To provide more parents like Steven with information about our state's education system, click here and make a tax-deductible donation!

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