Stand Spotlight: Joy Phillips

Stand Spotlight | 10/12/2021

Joy Phillips
Parent Member

This is one post in a series made possible by a grant from Capital Area United Way. The grant allowed Stand for Children Louisiana to provide direct cash transfers to twelve qualified members to support quality early education and/or continuing adult education.

I began volunteering with Stand for Children Louisiana in 2016. I joined the organization because I wanted to connect with other parents and be part of the decision-making processes that impact my children’s futures. Since joining Stand Louisiana, I have provided opportunities for parents to elevate their voices; connected parents with decision makers; and most importantly showed parents and community members that they are valued, listened to, and experts in their children’s education.

The leadership skills I have received from Stand Louisiana have helped me become a parent leader. I take pride in connecting parents to decision makers and seeing the impact they have in our kids’ education. One of my proudest moments volunteering with Stand Louisiana was having the opportunity to facilitate a community conversations with East Baton Rouge’s newly hired Superintendent Dr. Narcisse (read more here). Initiatives like this have made an impact on our parents. They now know the power of their voices and that no one is more qualified to advocate for their children than they are.

I am grateful to Stand Louisiana for their support and for recognizing my work and commitment to my community. The direct payment awarded by Capital Area United Way and Stand Louisiana will help me earn new skills in my chosen field of photography so I can continue supporting my children and my family. This gift will help me continue investing in my career and providing the very results for my family.

Standing with you,

Joy Phillips

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