Stand Spotlight: Growing Parent Advocates

Parent & Family Engagement, Stand Spotlight | 12/03/2019

Karen Clark
Development Manager

Karen is Stand Louisiana's Development Manager who believes strongly in the power of parents and students!

Much of the work Stand does with and for parents is behind the scenes – it’s private phone calls, one-on-one conversations, individualized support, and personal advocacy.

Mrs. Shay’s world revolves around her son, Spencer. For years, she fought for her son to have a 504 plan. She attended meetings, made calls, talked to his teachers, and helped him with homework at home. Despite her efforts, Mrs. Shay faced barrier after barrier and Spencer was never given the individualized learning plan and support his mother knew he needed. Then, Mrs. Shay met Stand Louisiana’s Regional Organizing Director Mrs. Nikki Dangerfield. 

“She helped me when I felt like giving up on the school system. I fought for help for years for my son. I was so discouraged, but when I met Ms. Nikki, she changed everything.”

During her fist meeting with Mrs. Shay, Mrs. Nikki reviewed parents’ rights, students’ rights, and provided an overview of the system and process of securing a 504 plan.

Mrs. Nikki joined Mrs. Shay during meetings with Spencer’s teachers and school administrators. “If it wasn't for her hard work and attending meetings, I probably wouldn't have made it this far with my son. Now, as of this school year, Spencer has a 504 plan.”

For Mrs. Nikki, this is what it is all about. Mrs. Shay had the information, resources, and personal support from an experienced advocate to secure a 504 plan for her son.

We shine today’s Stand Spotlight on Mrs. Nikki, who thrives when providing personalized, behind the scenes help to parents who are working within a school system to ensure their student’s academic and social needs are being met. 

“And I want to thank you, Mrs. Nikki, for every visit you made.”

To talk to Mrs. Nikki or another member of the Stand’s team about your child’s needs, please email or call 225-573-0622.

Start this giving season off right - click here and give today to support Mrs. Nikki and the entire Stand Louisiana team as they empower parents on behalf of students like Spencer.

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